Termite Control

Termites Control Solution

Unity Termite & Pest Control (M) Sdn Bhd offers safe and effective termite control solution to our clients. Our experience in termite pest control has made us aware that termite infestations can have huge damages to commercial structure damages, residential and plantations. Termites are strong in numbers, with colonies consisting of up to 2 million members, thriving in the soil deep underground. This makes them a particularly challenging pest to control.

Termites Hiding Place & Destruction
  • Underground / in wood / in tree
  • Feed on cellulose based material or wood by products
  • Termite category – subterranean termite, dry wood termite and damp wood termite
  • Can cause up to 90% termite related damages in buildings

Subterranean termites – build their nest under the soil and are highly dependent on moisture.

Dry wood termites – able to survive under low moisture condition and faecal pellets could be seen near the infestation area.

Damp wood termites – feed on decayed wood structure such as tree bark, rotten root and buried timbers.

Termites gain access into building through cracks and crevices, electrical or pipeline system.

Termite Control Methods
  • Detect
  • Locate
  • Eradicate termites at different stations
Termite Treatment

We have the latest and most effective method in dealing with termites such as:

  • Termite Baiting System (above ground)
  • Termite Tube (in ground)
  • Pre-Construction Anti-Termite Soil Treatment
  • Post Construction Anti-Termite Treatment
We offer termite contracts with a liquid barrier treatment to be reapplied every 5 years. For additional protection, you may choose our exclusive Unity Termite Monitoring System. Call 03-4291 0887 / 016-9060168 for free consultation. Contact Us Now

A very friendly, courteous and prompt and informative service. From the moment I called through to the visit.

Friendly, reassuring and swift to respond. I got an appointment quickly and at the weekend so didn’t have to rearrange work.

They really know their stuff. I will wholeheartedly recommend to others.

Mark Lee, Alam Damai

I had been having a problem with ants in our house for years. So, 3 months ago I googled and called Unity pest control and Daimen came to visit my house on Saturday and treated the areas inside and out where the ants were.

After several days the ants in my kitchen and living room were gone ever since. I’m so happy to say that I haven’t seen any ant inside my house. I am so pleased with the service I received and of course the great results! Thank you!! Highly recommended!

Grace Choo, KL